How to submit an offer.

1) Find a reputable buyer's agent in your area that you know will be able to keep in constant contact with.

 2) Attain a pre-qualification letter from your lender, or if your offer is cash you will need to get a proof of funds.  We absolutely cannot present an offer without a prequal or proof of funds.

      - Please note certain Sellers will require  you get pre-approved by a mortgage company approved by them. This will be indicated on the MLS listing. Please double check before submitting an offer.

3) Have it correct the first time. If you are asking for any seller concessions, repairs, etc make sure you have it in your first offer. When selecting a close date make sure that it will work. Closing extensions costs the seller money, and there is certainly no guarantee that they will grant one.

4) Complete ALL of the addendums attached to the MLS listing under additional information. 

5) Make sure your Earnest Money is either certified funds or a cashiers check. Sellers will not accept personal checks.

6) Be patient. We understand that you are anxious to hear about your possible new home, but please realize the sellers are moving thousands of properties each day and take each and every offer seriously. Realize that this takes time. Most sellers respond within 72 hours, however some take over a week.